• Carpet Cleaning
  • Nail Polish Stain
  • Stain removed
  • Watch the dirt disappear
  • Look at the difference
  • Notice the dirt build up
  • Look how clean
  • The dirt is melting away
  • Looks good!
  • Notice the shine
  • Showers and Sinks
  • Outdoor Tiles as well
  • Restoring that new look
  • First swipe with our equipment
  • Needs a little cleaning
  • We go it cleaned
  • Fabric Stained
  • Fabric Cleaned
  • Octopus and Fans in action
  • We will get it dry
  • "The Claw" will suck it up
  • Lift and Dry
  • Digital Dry Meter

RX-20 in action on Carpet

RX-20 Melting the dirt on Tile

Finishing up the Carpet

Finishing up the Tile